Monday, May 16, 2011

May is Salad Month?!

So, I just found out that, not only is May my birthday month but it's also Salad Month!  Who knew?!  

I love salads.  Any way I can get them, an Italian favorite like a Caprese Salad like pictured above or fresh from the garden or loaded with pasta or fruit or straight from the boarder.  Love me some Taco Bell... lol

But.... I'm thinking the whole "Salad Month" concept is to be something of a healthy lifestyle kinda thing and my taco salad w/ extra meat isn't in that type of category! ;)

Maybe more like this one:

So drop the meat.  I know, I know.  It won't be as good or filling but if you need the protein then add chic peas to your salad or some sunflower seeds!

There.  Now don't you feel healthier?


  1. I loooove mah salads!
    And you got an award .../

  2. Shut up! :) Thanks Lovey!!! I guess now I have to step it up a little with my postings... :)

  3. loveee salads :)